My building has been a fascinating journey.  Here are a few snippets of the process to date.

It was really exciting to make a start.  Marking out the house and putting up hurdles was a great introduction to getting my head around measurements and angles.  I would advise anyone planning to hire a Dingo Digger to check the weather forecast first!  July probably isn’t the best time to dig stump holes.  I was lulled into false security by the dry winters caused by the drought.  The rain made digging the holes more difficult, not to mention getting bogged numerous times.  The holes remained full of water for a few months.  We had to wait for them to dry out to put in the concrete pads.


Putting the bearers on taught me accuracy using a circular saw and hammering skew nails.  I also got introduced to a nail gun and laminated the bearers.  While putting the joists on I realised some stumps were not level which meant taking some bearers off and cutting down some stumps and packing others.  Better to check at each stage before going on was the lesson learnt here!


I’m interested to hear of other Owner Bulider’s experiences.

Cheers for now