Straw bale building workshop

The Straw Bale Building Workshop “Building Your Straw Bale Home” from foundations to the roof

This course is an eight week theory course covering all of the structural components involved in building your straw bale home. The feedback from course participants is that they find it entertaining and simple to understand without time wasting time with padding.

The course is made up of actual video footage with concise explanation of each and every step.

Whilst many tradespeople have found the course extremely valuable, it is targeted at people with no building experience, that they be empowered to build their own straw bale home.

The theory workshops are all online and delivered through our sister site:
This contains much, much more information than I could fit into a weekend (or even four-day) workshop.

Straw Bale House Building Workshop




  1. Dear Brian,
    I have enjoyed reading your sensible, practical and well written thoughts on this type of housing!
    I am absolutely in love with the idea of it but need some practical experience before I start on my own land in QLD.
    I will keep watching your website but if you do have a mailing list for workshops, I would appreciate being on it.
    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Tess

    Hi Brian, just wondering when the next 2 day practical workshop is scheduled for?


      Hi Tess,
      sorry for the delay in updating the website regarding the practical workshops. We have been without a straw bale home for a while since the sale of Ladys Pass so I have not felt that running a course on vacant land was appropriate. As you may have noticed from the Owner Builder Magazines we are now in the process of building our new straw bale home in Inglewood Victoria so I am happy to start doing courses again. Consequently we will be running a course on the weekend of November 5th 2016. I have decided to reduce the number of places in each course from 21 to 7 so that I can spend more time with everyone. I have also reduced the number of engineering, design and consulting jobs that I take on to 10 per year so to run big courses would make this difficult to fulfill. This gives me a bit more time to do things like Shelley’s working bee etc. and to fully support our clients throughout their project.

      Given the drastic reduction in places available, might I suggest that you book as soon as you have made the decision rather to wait and risk missing out on a place. I am often on site in Inglewood so it is best to phone me on 0428 246 868 if you want to clarify anything or book into the course rather than to email me as I am not able to get emails as easily when I am on site.



  3. Hayley

    Hi brain,
    I am enjoying navigating through your website.
    Question- will there be any more workshops scheduled for 2017?
    Disappointed to see I missed the Easter one.
    Many thanks,


      Hi Hayley,
      thanks for the question, which has prompted me to set the date. The next workshop will be on the weekend of October 28th & 29th. I only take 7 bookings to workshops these days so if you want to book in it would be a good idea to do it sooner rather than later, as the last workshop was booked out well in advance.



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