The ULTIMATE Straw Bale Building Book “Building Your Straw Bale Home” is finally here!

From the Desk of Brian’s Son

Brian has been very busy lately with some pressing family concerns and has asked me to put up a little bit of information about his exciting new book “Building Your Straw Bale Home”

If you are looking to build a straw bale house (in fact if you are looking to build any sort of house!) then you MUST check out this book.

Dad has been in the building game for nearly 40 years. In his new book, “Building Your Straw Bale Home” (published by CSIRO publishing) Dad has taken all that experience and boiled it down to give you ‘instant competence’.

Before I go any further here is what the back of the book says:

From the back of the book…

This practical guide is written especially for the owner-builder and provides step-by-step instructions supported by diagrams and photographs.

It covers the construction process from site preparation through to foundations, concrete slabs, strip footings and stumps. Special techniques for straw bale construction and the integration of these techniques with those of conventional house building are also covered, including floors, timber wall-frames, ceilings and roof framing. Advice is offered on plumbing and electrical work in a straw bale house.

Written with first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face the owner-builder, the author explores local council issues and requirements, the potential pitfalls of building and what to look for when ordering second-hand material, aided by a useful glossary of terms. The book concludes by covering the various safety issues that arise during construction, including fire prevention, equipment usage and the working environment.

If you have been to my parents’ house and taken a look in my dads study you would see that dad has more than a passing interest in straw bale building (I would suggest it is verging on a psychotic obsession) he owns EVERY SINGLE book on straw bale construction that is currently in print (and quite a few that are no longer available. Like a little classic from the 1940s). I sat one afternoon and read book after book on straw-bale and I can honestly tell you there is nothing that comes close to what dad has written.

“Building Your Straw Bale Home” is thorough, practical, easy to understand and most importantly (I think) teaches you how to build a HOUSE not just straw bale walls and render.

“Building Your Straw Bale Home” has received a brilliant response. In fact over a quarter of the print-run sold in the first week of release! So the folks at CSIRO publishing are pretty happy ๐Ÿ™‚

This book is positively jam-packed with information, Dad spent months writing and re-writing trying to squeeze yet more information into the book. When it seemed like it was all finished then he would stretch himself just that little bit further (creating yet another puddle of blood, sweat and tears) to make sure that it was the VERY ULTIMATE book for an owner builder to follow when constructing their very own straw bale home.

Have you got specific questions? Take a look at this Table of Contents (click here) Dad really has left no stone unturned.

Wellโ€ฆ you have heard me rabbit on about how great “Building Your Straw Bale Home” is (and I guess at this point I am at risk of suffering from gushing son disorder) but what are others saying…

What the Straw Bale Industry is Saying…

bohden“This book is a good reference for anyone who has a desire to understand building construction or a desire to build a straw bale house to a high standard using well-researched methods.”
-Bohdan Dorniak, President of Ausbale (The Australasian Straw Bale Building Association)


drzang“Building Your Straw Bale Home is a how-to book for people interested in straw bale building. It is a practical book reflecting the author’s personal experience, with tips and wisdom learned from his own pitfalls and mistakes. With admiration, I present to you this practical text on straw bale building.”
-Dr John Zhang, Hillbridge Designers and Engineers


copinger“One man’s journey from conventional construction to the methods and materials of natural builders may help readers work their way through the various stages of developing and completing their own project.”
-Joyce Coppinger, The Last Straw Journal


When the folks at CSIRO publishing assigned an editor to Dad’s book they chose someone with an extra dose of fastidious. She went through the entire book with a fine tooth comb (and I mean FINE TOOTH, there were a couple of days when Dad was thinking about pushing her off a tall building) and the results are brilliant. The book is idiot proof, if ‘Mr & Mrs I’ve-Never-Picked-up-a-Hammer’ couldn’t understand it then Ms Editor sent Dad back to the computer (for hours) until he got it right. (Who would have thought that boiling down thirty years worth of experience could be such hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

The book is $69 and postage is $12 making a total of $81

Dad is so confident that you are going to LOVE his new book that he has guaranteed it (can you find any other straw bale books with a guarantee?).

Dad’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee
When you purchase your copy of the book “Building Your Straw Bale Home” directly from Anvill, if you are not completely satisfied with the information presented in the book, and do not agree that it dramatically increases the possibility of you building your own straw bale home, I will refund 100% of the purchase price of the book. All you have to do, is return the book to me in a saleable condition with a copy of the original invoice/receipt within 14 days of purchase, and I will refund the cost of the book minus the actual cost of postage and handling.

So what do you get?

A soft-cover book with 280 pages packed with information, personal stories, diagrams the works!

How do you order?

By Phone:

Call 0428 246 868

And have your credit card ready.


By Post
Post a cheque or money order for $81 to Anvill PO Box 1010 Warragul Vic. 3820 PLEASE be sure to include your telephone number & postal address.

P.S. Remember you are protected by Dad’s guarantee, if you don’t like the book, if you don’t think its going to help you, send it back! Why is he so confident? Dad is so happy with “Building Your Straw Bale Home” he simply KNOWS that you are going to love it!