Finishing off the second render coat in preparation for the final coat

In this article for the The Owner Builder magazine I explain how to finish off the second coat of render in preparation for the final coat. I also talk about:

  • Shaping the wall
  • Considerations when installing tiles
  • Skirting boards
  • Ceiling lining
  • Eaves lining
  • Sculptural features

I hope that you find the article helpful, click here to read it.




  1. Kate MacMaster

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for you website, loads of great stuff on it! Just wondering whether you could provide advice on where to hire a spray machine for lime rendering our two story straw bale home in Yass, NSW? Many thanks,
    Kate & Phil

    • Brian Hodge

      Hi Kate & Phil,
      The best person to contact would be Mark Beedle who has a great render pump. His mobile number is 0411 042 363. Tell him I gave you his number and I am sure he will look after you.

  2. Hi Brian, do you know any good engineers that deal with straw bale requirements? Particularly 2.1.1 structure and stability.

    • Brian Hodge

      Hi Chris,
      we have an engineer that we have dealt with for over 15 years, however they will only do engineering for us, as they still require specialized straw bale input. Apart from them it is a matter of phoning around until you find someone. The biggest challenge in using a general engineer is that they generally over engineer to be on the safe side, which can dramatically increase the cost of the job.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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