Straw bale photos

Here are some straw bale photos of houses built by owner builders.


  1. hubert

    only one photo? a pity!


      Hi Hubert,
      thanks for your feedback. Once I have finished the Inglewood building project I am planning to visit some of our clients homes and take photos so that I can build a reasonable galery of photos for the web site. In the past I have taken on many engineering / consulting jobs to help people building their own straw bale homes, which has left me time poor, and the web site is one of the things that has suffered neglect. Now that I have reduced my intake of work to 10 jobs and the practical workshop to 7 attendees I anticipate having more time for many things including the web site. Up to now I have been focused on information to help people build, however I recognize the lack of photos on the site and take your comment on board. However might I beg your patience as I need to get the Inglewood project done and gain the time benefit of reducing my general workload to be able to get to it. When it comes to websites and general IT stuff I am really good at building houses, but I promise I will get to it.



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