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Problems or challenges. Many would say we had a big problem with the incorrect location of our meter box, however this conjures up all sorts of negative emotions. Did this create a bunch of problems or challenges?  The term problem has all sorts of negative connotations that tend to put people into panic mode. I often get people phone me saying they have a big problem, where-as the issues are normally overcome quite easily. It is just a matter of being creative when finding a solution. The Oxford dictionary states that a challenge  is “a demanding or stimulating situation”.  I assure you you will have many stimulating moments when building your own home, just as we have at such an early stage with the incorrect positioning of our meter box.

Since my last blog we have redesigned the first stage of the house with a view keeping in mind that future extension. The drawings have been updated and we have also completed the floor plan of stage 2 to be sure that the meter box issue did not have any long term impact on the total design. I have redone the engineering and had it certified  and submitted the changes to our building surveyor which have now been approved and we have the building permit in hand.  As it happened it took up a bit of time, but has not delayed the project as we were doing all of this ground work well in advance. The issue of do we have problems or challenges? would have been much harder to keep in the correct perspective if we had left things to the last minute. Having time up your sleeve is always a good philosophy and saves lots of heart ache whilst reducing the risk of poorly thought through hurried decisions causing future issues.

We now have the profile hurdles in place and have established a list of materials for the frame of the first stage of the construction, which has come in at a cost of around $8,000, which is what I expected.  I have booked the post hole digger for next Wednesday and the stump hole inspection with our Building Surveyor for Thursday morning. I have also placed a booking for Redimix concrete from a local supplier to be delivered at about 3 pm on Thursday, however I have to confirm this booking once the inspector has given approval of our stump holes.

The soil report on this property showed silt stone at around 800 mm deep, which we have to penetrate by 100 mm. Consequently it would be of no value to get a small post hole digger or hire a dingo digger to dig the stump holes as the 100 mm penetration into the silt stone would not be achieved. Prior to arranging the machine to dig your stump holes please be sure to look and the foundation design by your engineer and advise your contractor of the requirement prior to booking a date to be sure that the engineering requirements can be met.


Challenges in building


Inglewood straw bale


  1. Doug

    Hi Brian,

    We are looking to buy an existing straw bale house in the Geelong area. I assume we are best served by a specialist to do the building inspection; are you able to recommend anyone that might be able to help us?

    Kind Regards,


      Unfortunately I am unable to recommend anyone, however if you have any concerns give me a call and I will try to talk through any issues.Ph 0428 246 868


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