Straw bale weekend to help lymphoma sufferer

We want your help NOT your money

Steve & Shelley are a lovely couple that need our help. Last year Shelley received treatment for lymphoma and they were excited at Christmas when the tests showed good results with treatment and they thought they were in the clear. Since then they have been working on their straw bale home and have done a great job thus far. Unfortunately I have just received an email from Steve asking me if there is anyone that could help as Shelley’s Lymphoma has returned and she is undergoing intensive chemo etc. which means that Steve has to be with her to care for her and is unable to fit the bales in his house. He knows it will be 7-8 months before he can get back onto the building, and in my opinion this is too long to leave things as they are so I decided to put on a not for profit working bee to help them out.

We all know people who have suffered from cancer, many of who survive which is what we pray for for Shelley. In most cases there is nothing we can do to help, BUT this time we can.

I am donating my time for a working bee over the three days from Saturday September 24th,   to Monday September 26th in anticipation of getting all of the bales up and the first coat of render on. I can’t do this on my own so I need your help. If you have bale laying experience all the better, but if not I can teach you. We will need people to cook meals and take care of the volunteers so if you can’t lay bales but can cook a barbecue you can still help.

Ideally we are looking for about 20 volunteers. We can camp on site, but facilities are very basic so if you decide to stay on site might I suggest that you bring appropriate deodorant. This will be a great opportunity to help people in need and have a lot of fun doing it. We will have a camp fire at night, so if you are musical bring along your voice and maybe guitar.

I trust you will be able to stand alongside me in support of these people that need our help. If you can help please let me know by email advising me of any experience you have in carpentry, laying straw bales or cooking. I will then get back to you with additional information about the weekend including the job location which is about 30 minutes from Geelong near Winchelsea Victoria.

Please let me know as soon as you can if you can help so that we can continue planning this weekend.

Kindest regards



Inglewood straw bale


Steve & Shelley’s working bee.


  1. Susan Drummond

    Happy to assist

  2. Padraig Moloney

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for posting this, I will certainly be on hand for those dates. I will send you an email.



  3. Maryanne

    Hi Brian
    My name is Maryanne and I used to work with this beautiful lady who became a very close friend. I am rallying the troops here at Delta Group to see how many we can get to come down for the weekend, I will let you know the numbers as soon as I have them. Thank you so much for organising this for this wonderful couple.


      Hi to Maryanne and everyone who have so generously offered to help with what we now refer to as the Shelley working bee. I am travelling to the property tomorrow to have a good look at what stage it is up to, and to discuss the working bee in more details with Steve. I have set aside time next week to create a plan of attack once I have been on site, and will get back to all the volunteers soon after that. It is obvious that Shelley is much loved by many and I truly appreciate your help with this project, as I simply couldn’t do it alone. I well remember a saying that a Pastor in an Adelaide church used to frequently use. “LOVE’S GOT LEGS”. All those volunteering to help are giving a lot more than a lift with a bale. They are the fulfillment of this true expression of love and the best side of humanity. Thanks heaps for your support.


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