Welcome! We are here to give you the confidence to know that you can build a straw bale house!

Straw bale construction is one of the most intriguing methods of building that I have had the pleasure to be involved in. This form of building is without a doubt one of the most forgiving systems of construction, and is consequently an ideal medium for the owner builder.

Straw Bale House Building Workshop

There is nothing more inspiring than to see people rise to the challenge of building their own straw bale house. This environmentally friendly construction method dates back over 100 years, and with our new technology and materials the straw bale houses built today will last even longer. We want you to have the confidence to venture into one of the most rewarding ventures of your life. To be a part of that process is counted as a privilege.

We will help you discover your hidden ability as we strip away the facades and myths to reveal to you a clear and rational method of building your own straw bale house. From the ground to the roof, we will guide you all the way through the process of building your own home. Green building with straw is financially and emotionally liberating. To live in the peaceful atmosphere of a straw bale house is incomparable. Before you begin to build, make sure you go and stay in a straw bale bed and breakfast facility. It will inspire you, giving you the motivation to rise above the challenges and put downs of people who say you can’t do it..

We will guide you to the people that will make the journey possible. Draftspeople, engineers and building surveyors who will help you bring your dream to reality. People that will work with you rather than against you. For those of you with limited budgets we will show you how to provide your family with affordable housing. In 2005 one of our owner builders built a 10 square straw bale house for under $23,000. Imagine living free of loan payments. No millstone tied by the bank around your neck. We will advise you of new straw bale developments, help you locate the hard to get equipment and supplies associated with straw bale construction.

Whether you are going to build a mansion or the most affordable housing controlled by strict budgets, we are here to help.